The Children’s Education Funding Calculator

Provision for future education costs for children is put off by many parents as ‘something to worry about in the future’. However, these costs can be very significant and provision should be made for them as soon as possible.
This calculator is designed to help you plan for your children’s education needs by estimating the future cost of such fees, taking into account any existing provisions made (such as specific savings), varying investment return rates and inflation. It also highlights the level of regular investment that is required by you to fund these future costs.

  1. Check that all of your assumptions are correct once you have completed each box below. This Calculator is very flexible, allowing you to analyse different scenarios by allowing you to alter the amounts and rates used.
  2. Click once on the “Calculate” button to calculate your result.
    Please note that the figures below do not take into account any potential taxes that might be applicable.


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