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The Financial Plan

Critical to achieving your financial objectives is putting in place an appropriate financial plan and then taking the necessary actions over time to enable these ambitions become a reality.

Our objective is two-fold. Firstly, we work closely with our clients in creating a financial plan that reflects their own unique circumstances, current and future lifestyle ambitions along with implementing the necessary recommendations from this plan. We then work in partnership with our clients over the long term to support them and help ensure that they remain on target to achieve Financial Freedom efficiently and within their desired timeframe.

Our comprehensive financial planning process addresses the following areas:

  • Identifying a financial target: Knowing what one is trying to achieve is critical to success. Firstly, we need to determine what level of income you want at your financial target age. We then calculate the level of assets that are required to re-create that income requirement and compare it to where you are now relative to your target. Our ultimate objective is to help you bridge the financial gap between your current position and your financial target through effective long term financial planning.
  • Cash flow planning: We work through a budgeting exercise with you to analyse your current income and expenditure calculating your monthly lifestyle income. Income is the key driver of long term wealth creation therefore it is imperative that you are making efficient use of your income.
  • Risk analysis: We analyse what you and your family’s protection needs are. We make recommendations to ensure that the appropriate types and levels of protection are put in place and in the most cost efficient manner possible.
  • Retirement Planning: Tax is one of the biggest obstacles to creating wealth. Using tax efficient investment vehicles such a pension structures can ensure that you keep more of the income that you are creating and build wealth in a tax free environment. We will analyse any existing pension structures you may have and make recommendations as to the most appropriate and beneficial retirement structures for you to use going forward.
  • Tax planning: Utilising the tax code to your advantage ensures that you are keeping more of your earnings. Minimising income tax, capital taxes and/or corporation tax plays a crucial role in building wealth.
  • Investment strategy and risk profiling: Earning income is a first step but making it grow significantly over time through an appropriate investment strategy that is consistent with your attitude to investment risk is imperative. Investment planning is an on-going and long term activity which needs to implemented in the context of your overall financial plan.
  • Loans: Are your debts structured in the most cost/tax efficient manner possible? Does it make financial sense to accelerate debt repayments or save/invest more?
  • Estate planning: Have you a Will in place that is up to date and accurately reflects your wishes? What are the important issues you need to be aware of for your estate and family?
  • Other issues: How much of an Emergency Fund should you have in place? Should you put an Education Fund in place for the children and if so how much is required and how should it be invested?
  • Summary of recommendations and their implementation: The recommendations that follow from the comprehensive financial analysis will form the foundation on which your financial target can be achieved efficiently.

The Financial Plan is just the first step in a long term process. Our purpose is to help our clients achieve their financial goals by effectively managing most risks or threats through effective planning and on-going advice focusing on the core areas of cash flow management, risk management, investment strategy and tax efficiency.